Economic Development Zones

Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone


Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (SETDZ) was set up in 1988 and approved to be a state-level economic and technological development zone in 1993. Located at the southwest area of Shenyang City, SETDZ covers a planned area of 10 square kilometers and provides investors with a complete range of facilities and services.

After years of development, the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone has attracted the investment of business people from 43 countries and regions. Up to now, a total of 90 Multinational Corporations (MNC) have invested and built factories in the development zone, of which 32 are among the Global Fortune 500 companies. So far, a total of 2,234 projects have been approved to enter the development zone, of which the number of foreign-funded projects is 1,408, and the number of those with an investment of over 5 million USD is 443. The accumulative total investment volume is 184 billion RMB (about 26 billion USD), the foreign investment volume stipulated in agreements is 13.7 billion USD, and the actually utilized foreign investment volume is 3.2 billion USD. The accumulative regional GDP is 140 billion RMB (20 billion USD), the industrial output value is 386 billion RMB (55 billion USD), tax income 14 billion RMB (2 billion USD), and the foreign exchange income through exports is 3.9 billion USD.

Major economic indicators have registered an impressive growth rate of more than 30 percent for a long time, including regional GDP, gross output value, industrial value added, fiscal revenue, utilized foreign investment and fixed assets investment. The development zone has also been ranked No. 1 among all the counties and districts of Shenyang in a comprehensive evaluation of economic construction.

In June 2009, the development zone received the title of “Demonstration Area of Adjustment and Renovation & Development of Equipment Manufacturing Industry of Old Industrial Bases in the Tiexi New Area” by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Office of the Leading Group for Northeast China of the State Council. The zone is the core part of the West Shenyang Industrial Corridor, and has been listed in one of two major development strategies formulated by Liaoning Province. Currently, the SETDZ has become an area with the most substantial economic vitality, competitiveness and development potential in China.

Industrial Environment

The zone has priority in Liaoning under one of the two key development strategies. So far, the following industry clusters have taken shape in the zone:

  1. Equipment manufacturing industry cluster. It consists of nearly 200 enterprises represented by North Heavy Industries Group Corp and Shenyang Blower Works Group Co., Ltd.
  2. Automobile and auto components industry cluster. It consists of more than 150 enterprises represented by Shenyang SAC Hino Auto Co., Ltd and Brilliance Auto E2 Engine Co., Ltd.
  3. Pharmaceutical and chemical industry cluster. It consists of more than 60 enterprises represented by Northeast Pharmaceutical BASF Vitamin Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Paraffin Chemical Co., Ltd.
  4. Food and beverage and packing industry cluster. It consists of more than 50 enterprises represented by Shenyang Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. and Zhongfu Packing Co., Ltd.
  5. Textile, garment and dyeing and finishing industry cluster. It consists of more than 20 enterprises represented by the Printing and Dyeing Industry Park.
  6. Motorcycle and motor components industry cluster represented by Shenyang Tianli Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shenyang MACAT Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Many other industry clusters are under development, which involve home appliances, pumps and valves, metallurgy, casting and forging and non-ferrous metals, generating increasing agglomeration effects. The Instrument Industrial Park, Mold Industrial Park, Casting and Forging Industrial Park, Private Industrial Park, Taiwan Industrial Park, Ningbo Industrial Park and Heavy Chemical Industry Park have been put into operation. Several other parks are under construction, including the Machine Tool Functional Parts Industrial Park, Automobile and Auto Components Industrial Park, Power Generation and Power Equipment Industrial Park, Rail Transportation Industrial Park, and Construction Machinery Industrial Park. They all possess the capability to carry out large projects.

Functional Parks

Shenyang Chemical Industry Park

Shenyang Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) is a comprehensive industrial park which is located at the northeast end of the industrial corridor in the west of Shenyang. With new and high technology as a pioneer, fundamental chemical industry as a support, the SCIP has set a new goal for development in the near future, the output value of the chemical industry park will reach 80 to 100 billion RMB (about 14.3 billion USD) in 5 to 7 years. The gross output value is aimed to reach 200 billion RMB (28 billion USD) in 2015. Supported by chemical engineering, the chemical industry park is dedicated to utilizing high and new technologies to conduct deep processing and production with high value added. Chemical materials, fine chemicals and rubber products, coal chemicals, ethylene and propylene, are highlighted in the development of the chemical industry park.

In the long run, the chemical industry park will be built into a large chemical and pharmaceutical production base that is featured by the integration of upstream and downstream operations. The production base will focus on industry clusters in the fields of petrochemicals, chlor-alkali chemicals, fine chemicals, and special rubber products.

Shenyang Metallurgical Industry Park

Located in the southwest of Shenyang, the West Shenyang Industrial Corridor is an important area for the interaction of the economic activities between the hinterland and the coastal area of Liaoning Province. Based in Shenyang and supported by the Shenyang Metro Policy of Liaoning and the central government, the industrial corridor is a comprehensive economic area with its influence covering Northeast China. As a new strip-type industrial base, the West Shenyang Industrial Corridor focuses on the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, new chemical industry, modern metallurgy deep processing and new materials industries.

Shenyang Metallurgical Industry Park is just located at the core area of the West Shenyang Industrial Corridor, which benefits the park for development in its geographical location. Its priorities include deep-processed steel and iron products, nonferrous metal smelting and processing products and new metallurgical materials. It is aimed that the metallurgical industry park will be built into an important metallurgical deep processing and logistics base in Northeast China.

Contact Information:

Investment Promotion Bureau
Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone
No. 28, Huahai Road, 110141 Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 400 655 8877
Fax: +86 24 25812748 (Website in Chinese)

Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone


Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone (DETDZ) was among the first development zones approved by the State Council, covering an area of 20 square kilometers, a population of 550,000, and 180,000 employees. It is located in the northeast of Dalian, 27 kilometers from downtown Dalian, 25 kilometers from the airport, 27 kilometers from the railway station and 400 kilometers from Shenyang. The zone also has mountains and hills and a wide sea area with 130 kilometers of coastline.

Dalian is a major international harbor city and a logistics center of Northern China with 85 percent of the cargo from Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun and other areas are being shipped via Dalian Port. Dalian Development Zone is surrounded by six ports: Dalian Port, Dayaowan Port, Beiliang Port, Catfish Bay Oil Harbor, Monk Island Coal Harbor and Dalian Bay Fishing Harbor. As a non-freezing deep water port, the throughput is second to none in Northeast Asia. The transportation network radiates in all directions and the liners can reach Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

Industrial Environment

Northeast China has trained a large number of skilled industrial workers. One of the areas with the best labor quality in China, Dalian has a labor force of more than 1.3 million and all kinds of technical specialists. The labor force grows by 87,000 annually, providing sufficient human resources for a stable development of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone with high quality.

The Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone makes good use of the national and provincial development strategies for the Liaoning Belt and of several development plans of Dalian City, striving to build a distribution center for the integrated circuit industry in Northeast Asia and an advanced manufacturing base for Liaoning. The zone is concentrating on finished automobiles, optical, mechanical and electronic integration, the bio-industry, the energy-saving and environmental protection industry and the tourism industry.

Functional Parks

Dalian Mould Industrial Park

Dalian has many universities, colleges and secondary technical schools with engineering majors and vocational training for the mould industry with advanced teaching facilities and established mould technology service platforms serving mould enterprises. Dalian Mould Industrial Park invites enterprises producing large panel stampings, plastics, die casting moulds and ultra-precision moulds for automobiles. The park is providing development space and opportunities for mould enterprises and strives to drive the development of the mould industry in the Northeast region.

Dalian Golden Pebble Opto-electronic (OE) Industrial Park

Dalian Golden Pebble Opto-electronic (OE) Industrial Park is one of the five national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases and the core industrial zone of Dalian National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base with an area of 2.5 square kilometers. It has functions of research and development, incubation, pilot-scale and large-scale production as well as industrial support services for various projects of opto-electronics and semiconductor lighting. In addition to national and Dalian favorable policies for the opto-electronics industry, enterprises settling here enjoy additional preferential policies according to Provisions on Promoting the Development of Opto-electronics in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Dalian Golden Pebble IT Industrial Park

The Park is located 15 kilometers from the east of the central development zone and 2 kilometers from the INTEL chip plant, and covers a total area of 3.8 square kilometers. Golden Pebble IT Industrial Park is building a production and distribution center for semiconductor equipment and materials and an industrial service center for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, while developing high-tech industries represented by the IT industry at the same time.

Contact Information:

Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone
Room 301, No.1 Jinma Road, 116600 Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 411 8761 4301, +86 411 8761 1156, +86 411 8762 2666
Fax: +86 411 8753 0036, +86 411 8765 6930 (Website in English and Chinese)

Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone


Covering an area of 5.6 hectares, Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone (YETDZ) is located by the Bohai Sea and at the head of the Liaodong Peninsula. It was officially approved by the State Council in 1992. The zone was defined as part of “Liaoning Belt” according to the national strategy formulated in July 2009. But YETDZ is also part of the “Shenyang Metro” and is nearest to the sea in the megalopolis in middle Liaoning Province. Located within YETDZ, Yingkou Port is the 10th largest port along the coast in China. With more than 140 international and domestic airlines, it has navigation access to more than 50 countries and regions. Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone has a 28.5-kilometers coastline. Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone is a crossing point of two regional development strategies, and link to the outside world for the cities in the center of the Shenyang-Dalian area.

Industrial Environment

At YETDZ, over 500 domestic and foreign enterprises from more than 30 countries work together both in the secondary sector with metallurgical petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, high and new technology, modern logistics, minerals processing, new energy, new building materials, textiles and garments, and in the service sector with commerce, logistics, tourism and real estate. They are growing and developing vigorously. To name a few: Angang Steel Bayuquan New Plant with 13 million tons of annual output, Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant with a total installed capacity of 3.6 million kilowatts – the largest thermal power plant in Northeast China, and Vesuvius Company from the UK.

Functional Parks

YETDZ functional parks are located at one of two industrial zones: Lingang Industrial Zone and Binhai Industrial Zone.

Industrial Parks in Lingang Industrial Area

Science & Technology Industry Park is located in the center of Lingang Industrial Area. The aim of the park is to develop high-tech industries and promote the sustainable development of low consumption and high efficiency economy. The park is an ecological and compound high-tech industrial park, with the high-tech industry as the main function, and with education, science and residential conditions as its supporting function. It is also an integrated data and technology center of various industry chains of Lingang Industrial Area.

SME Innovation Park is located to the south of New Angang Steel Road and to the east and west of Ping’an Avenue. The park is an ancillary SME park, with the aim of addressing issues for large enterprises like Angang Steel and Yingkou Jiatuo Heavy Equipment Manufacturing. Many enterprises have settled in the park, such as Yingkou Shengji Packaging Company, Angang Steel Automobile Transportation Company, Liaoning Modi Enterprise, Danone Hydraulic Company, and Fengyuan Mechanical Company.

Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park is located in the northeast of Lingang Industrial Area. The park is bordering SME Innovation Park on the south and adjacent to the Shahe green belt on the east. There are several large enterprises on the west of the park such as Angang Steel Bayuquan New Plant, Air Liquide, and Three Metallurgical Construction. Attracted by its location and transportation facilities, many large enterprises such as Yingkou Jiatuo Heavy Equipment Manufacturing have settled in the park.

New Building Materials Industrial Park is located in the south-central part of Lingang Industrial Area and has an area of 750,000 square meters. Leading industries of the park are waterproof sealant materials industry and new building materials industries.

Deep Processing of Steel and Supporting Industrial Park is located in the south of Lingang Industrial Area and covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers. Focusing on the industries of deep processing of steel, supporting enterprises, stock yard, and steel and iron industry, the park aims to form a chain development model in steel manufacturing, processing and selling.

Automobile and Parts Industrial Park is located in the northeast of Lingang Industrial Area and covers an area of 1.8 square kilometers.

Gangqian Modern Logistics Industrial Park is located in the southeast part of Lingang Industrial Area and has 1.2 square kilometers. Focus is on modern logistics, logistics processing and manufacturing industries. Enjoying flat terrain and advanced transportation networks, the park is adjacent to the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway Bayuquan Exit and 4 kilometers from Yingkou port.

Industrial Parks in Binhai Industrial Zone

Electrical Equipment Industrial Park: is located in the south of Binhai Industrial Zone. The leading industries are: semiconductor lighting, OLED, flat panel displays such as LED displays, new electronic components and other high-tech optoelectronic products.

Light Industry Park: covers 2.8 square kilometers and is located in the north of Binhai Industrial Zone. Combined with plastic industry, the park focuses on developing organic polymer materials, light manufacturing, precision instruments and meters and mechanical and electrical integration, and related industries.

Metallurgy Chemical Industrial Park: is located in the northeast of Binhai Industrial Zone, the park covers a planned area of 5.2 square kilometers and focuses on leading industries such as new metallic materials and fine chemicals industries.

High-tech Innovation Park: is located to the south of Light Industry Park with a planned area of 5.9 square kilometers and focuses on leading industries such as electronic information, biotechnology, new energy and environmental protection industries.

Contact Information:

Investment Promotion Bureau
Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone
Middle Section, Qiantangjiang Road
115007 Yingkou, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 417 628 7566
Fax: +86 417 628 7066 (Website in English and Chinese)

Dalian Lüshun Economic Development Zone


Established in 1992, Dalian Lüshun Economic Development Zone (DLEDZ) was made a provincial-level development zone of Liaoning in 2002 and covers 10.1 square kilometers. It was incorporated into Dalian’s development plan in 2004 and became one of the 10 key industrial parks of the city. In April 2008, DLEDZ was upgraded by the provincial government to a priority zone of the Liaoning Belt. It is situated at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, facing Shandong across the sea, neighboring the Yellow Sea to the east, and the Bohai Sea to the west. Located only 45 kilometers from downtown Dalian, it sits in the center of the Northeast Asia Economic Circle.

Industrial Environment

As a result of 17 years of development and construction, cumulatively 2.5 billion RMB (about 300 million USD) have been invested in the area. The development strategy includes transportation, water supply, electricity, heating, sewage, telecommunications and broadband networks. DLEDZ represents a rare provincial-level development zone in China, enjoying transportation advantages of ports, railways, train ferries, highways, and urban light rail. It is a land and water transport hub that connects the three economic zones in Northeast, East and South China, and is a logistics distribution center.

More than 200 domestic and foreign-funded projects have been introduced to the zone, with an actual capital utilization of more than 8 billion RMB (about 1.1 billion USD). In 2009, there were 34 key construction projects with planned investment over 30 million RMB (about 4.3 billion USD).

Ten well-known Chinese enterprise groups have set up factories in DLEDZ, including Dalian Heavy Industries, Dalian Crane Works Group, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group, Dalian Daxian Group, and China CNR Corp Group. Also, 50 shipbuilding and auxiliary equipment manufacturing firms have settled in the zone.

Functional Parks

The planning space of DLEDZ is 10.1 square kilometers, divided into three functional areas: processing and manufacturing park, port navigation logistics park, and tourism, education and residence park. DLEDZ features shipbuilding, supporting facilities of shipbuilding, major equipment manufacturing, high-tech and cultural industries, and navigation logistics in an excellent ecological environment.

Contact Information

Lüshun Economic Development Zone
Shugang Road
116000 Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 411 8620 0223
Fax: +86 411 8620 0278 (Website in Chinese)

Fushun Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Fushun Economic Development Zone (LFEDZ) is a development zone approved by the provincial government in 1993 and located right between Shenyang and Fushun, with 12 kilometers distance to either city center. It borders to the west with Shenyang Hunnan New District, Dongling and Qipanshan, and to the east with the city of Fushun. It covers 16 square kilometers with a population of 120,000. LFEDZ is 25 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, 380 kilometers from Dalian, and 200 kilometers from Yingkou.

Investment Environment

The Zone has on one hand easy access to the energy and material resources of Fushun, on the other hand also easy access to the technologies, culture, research and living quality of Shenyang.

In 2007, a strategy to integrate Shenyang and Fushun was proposed and promoted, first step to build the Shenyang Metro cluster of cities in central Liaoning, which aims to become the fourth pole of China’s economic growth. The integration of resources is an effort of coordinated regional development in China and a key strategic decision to achieve positive interaction between the hinterland and coastal sectors and speed up urban transformation.

LFEDZ features an organic mix of modern urban space and green eco-cycle technologies. Hunhe River separates an ecology zone with focus on environmental protection and tourism resources in the north, and a modern industries and living zone in the south, which contains advanced manufacturing industries, such as energy equipment, safety equipment and auto parts, modern service industries such as residential, commercial, and finance properties. A financial services center is being built by Fushun city.

Functional Parks

Liaoning Fushun Economic Development Zone consists of the Central Zone, Gaowan Economic Zone, Lishi Economic Zone and Danan Economic Zone.

Preferential Policies

  1. Standard factories will be built within the Equipment Base with a total area of 1 million square meters, which can be either purchased or leased by firms. For leases, a 50 percent discount shall be offered for two years. For one-time purchases, a 15 percent subsidy shall be granted.
  2. Businesses anchored in the Equipment Base can voluntarily choose “Liaoning”, “Shenyang” or “Fushun” in their titles and use Shenyang’s area code “024” in their telephone numbers.
  3. For foreign invested businesses with land use rights, within the first three years after start of operations, based on the investment amount and tax contributions, financial support shall be offered of an equal amount of the local revenue that is composed of income tax, business tax and value-added tax paid by the firms. If the average annual growth rate of sales exceeds 15 percent, the firms shall then be given further financial support of 50 percent of the local revenue that is composed of income tax, business tax and value-added tax for another two years.
  4. Preferential tax policies apply in the Equipment Base. High-tech businesses as recognized jointly by the science and technology authorities and tax authorities shall enjoy a concessionary corporate income tax rate of 15 percent.
  5. Firms in the Equipment Base are encouraged to be listed. Those firms that are listed domestically or overseas shall enjoy further one-time subsidies of 300,000 RMB to 1 million RMB (43,200 to 144,000 USD) in addition to the existing policy support.
  6. Provincial-level-and-above R&D institutions or key labs led by authoritative experts shall be granted 100,000 – 300,000 RMB (14,400 – 43,200 USD) start-up capital. Based on their laboratory equipment or construction inputs, for every 1 million RMB (144,000 USD) investment, they shall receive laboratories of 100 square meters, exempt from rental and property management fees. For research projects approved by national ministries or commissions, local authorities shall incorporate them into the annual science and technology development-funding plan.
  7. Foreign and overseas research staff, who come to work in the Equipment Base to lead national-level or provincial-level advanced equipment manufacturing projects with a tenure of five years and above, shall be awarded research startup capital of 200,000 RMB (about 28,800 USD) to 1 million RMB (144,000 USD), depending on the technological content and the contribution to the development of the Equipment Base, temporary housing with an area of 90 – 150 square meters and a 50,000 – 150,000 RMB (7,200 – 21,600 USD) housing allowance.

Contact Information:

Management Committee
Fushun Economic Development Zone
No. 1 Binhe Road, 113122 Fushun, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 413 660 7000 (Website in Chinese)

Fushun Shengli Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Fushun Shengli Economic Development Zone (LFSEDZ) was founded in June 1988 and approved by Liaoning Provincial Government as a provincial-level development zone in March 1993. It is the first development zone in Fushun and also one of the six provincial-level development zones in Liaoning Province. Located in the city proper of Fushun, LFSEDZ is built on the industrial area deserted by old coalmines, with a total area of 10.3 square kilometers and a population of 50,000. LFSEDZ leverages on Fushun Mining Bureau, a super large state-owned enterprise, and embraces unique advantages, being one of the six earliest provincial-level development zones in Liaoning Province. Situated in the central city cluster of Liaoning Province, LFSEDZ enjoys distinct location advantages and convenient transport conditions. It is 40 kilometers away from Shenyang, 35 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, 400 kilometers from Dalian Port and 200 kilometers from Yingkou Port.

Industrial Environment

Liaoning Fushun Shengli Economic Development Zone enjoys a number of administrative authorities and favorable policies granted by the province and the city. It is also blessed with the advantage of a supporting environment with unique features. The scale has been expanding with increasing economic aggregate, with a diversified economic structure including light industry, food, building materials, machinery, and trade. At present the zone is home to 333 enterprises, utilizing a total of US$ 62.83 million foreign investment, and realizing GDP of 3.7 billion RMB (about 0.5 billion USD) with a tax revenue of 500 million RMB (about 71 billion USD). Recent years have seen a 20 percent and above economic growth rate consistently. Leveraging on the super large enterprises in Fushun, LFSEDZ is committed to transforming and revitalizing old industrial base. Currently, there are 300,000-square meters industrial plants that can be utilized, which have unique advantages and play a unique role in attracting foreign investment, transforming traditional industries, making full use of idle assets, and developing new industries. LFSEDZ is also extremely rich in coal, coal-bed methane, oil shale, and groundwater.

Potential and Prospects for Growth

As Liaoning Fushun Shengli Development Zone mainly makes use of industrial deserted land, without occupying arable land or farmland. It is in the category of protected and fostered development zones, thus has great growth potential. In phase one, 3.2 square kilometers was developed, and in the next term, industrial deserted land of 5 square kilometers shall be developed.

According to the development plan of the zone, in the future each year will see an input of 50 million RMB (about 7 billion USD) to develop the area to a larger extent. Shengli Industrial Park, which was developed in the first place and covered an area of 3.2 square kilometers, is focusing on light industry, food, textile, machinery, electronics, building materials and other new industries.

It is expected that within three years, investment in the park will exceed 3 billion RMB (about 0.4 billion USD), with an industrial output value of 8 billion RMB (1.1 billion USD), and a GDP above 2 billion RMB (0.3 billion USD). As a result, the park will become an important emerging industrial area and a new economic growth engine in Fushun. Development strategies will also bring rare opportunities for LFSEDZ, which is ready to enter into a new stage of development.

Contact Information:

Fushun Shengli Economic Development Zone
No. 1 Dong’er Street, South Garden
113008 Fushun, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 413 254 3678, 254 3679 (Website not verified)

Benxi Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Benxi Economic Development Zone (LBEDZ) is situated in the Shenyang Metro, or the cluster of cities in central Liaoning Province. It neighbors Shenyang to the north with a distance of 43 kilometers, and Benxi, its home city, to the south by 21 kilometers, covering a total area of 8.6 square kilometers. LBEDZ has established a modern transportation network by land, sea and air. The zone is 210 kilometers from Dadong Port of Dandong, 200 kilometers from Bayuquan Port of Yingkou, and 360 kilometers from Dalian Port. The annual cargo throughput of the above three ports are 8.5 million tons, 75.37 million tons and 170 million tons. LBEDZ has a distance of 30 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, which has now opened 74 domestic and international routes, connecting 55 cities and has an annual passenger throughput of 2.5 million and cargo throughput of 61,000 tons.

Industrial Environment

As a pioneering and demonstration zone for emerging sustainable industries, institutional innovation, scientific and technological progress, LBEDZ has grasped development trends and seized the opportunity of national preferential policies to build a modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Industry and Equipment Manufacturing Support Industry into its pillar industries.

Modern TCM industry

LBEDZ is using the TCM resources of Benxi City in scientific planning and sustainable development. Guided by the market and driven by innovations, the zone is optimizing the TCM product structure, improving technical levels, and expanding the industrial scale by developing competitive products and implementing large projects. To this end, the pace of upgrading the TCM industry has accelerated and the modern TCM industry was established, ultimately to become a sustainable industry in Benxi, guiding and leading the adjustment and upgrading of the TCM industry in the whole province.

Equipment manufacturing support industry

This sector is guided by the market, introducing projects in auto parts, machinery equipment and accessories, new hardware, new pipes and fittings and steel structure. It is forming a cluster of equipment manufacturing support industry.

Functional Parks

The Benxi Modern TCM High-tech Industrial Park consists of five functional areas: research and development incubator area, industrial area, education and training area, seedlings demo areas and business and logistics area. The LBEDZ endeavors to enable the Park to realize several first-class levers within 10 years. The North China modern TCM valley is to be established, which features vertical organic links and an effective integration of horizontal elements. The Park will be based in Benxi, integrate Liaoning, cover China and face the whole world.

The Equipment Manufacturing Support Industrial Park is to be built at Xiapingtai Village in the west of the LBEDZ. The Park will supply two types of products: (1) high-quality products to be supplied to equipment manufacturing industries such as autos and machine tools in Shenyang Economic Zone (SEZ), and (2) supporting products for large enterprises such as Benxi Iron & Steel (BXIS) and Beitai Iron & Steel (BTIS). LBEDZ has assisted local firms to cooperate with BXIS and BTIS and supply high-quality supporting products for SEZ and the two steel works. The firms in the LBETDZ are currently expanding their production scales and improving the quality of their products and service.

Contact Information:

Management Committee
Liaoning Benxi Economic Development Zone
Shiqiaozi Town, 117004 Benxi, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 414 585 8072 (Website in Chinese)

Dandong Qianyang Economic Development Zone


Qianyang is China’s largest border town, with a total area of 120 square kilometers, a population of 80,000, and 14 administrative villages. It is located at the junction of the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea, neighboring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) just across the river. Qianyang Town is the first gateway connecting the Eurasian Channel to Pyongyang, Seoul, and Tokyo. It enjoys a special geographical condition of being next to borders, the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea, and has a significant strategic position in international market penetration of North Korea.

In 1992, Qianyang Town was first approved by Dandong City as “Dandong Qianyang Special Economic Zone”, then in 1994 by Liaoning Province as “Liaoning Dandong Qianyang Economic Development Zone” (LDQEDZ). In July 2009, the development of the Liaoning Belt was listed as a national strategy. Qianyang Town, situated at the eastern tip of the Belt is now an important components of Dandong’s coastal development, and has an opportunity to demonstrate its strategic position.

Industrial Environment

LDQEDZ has commissioned the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Urban Planning to design the infrastructure facilities planning, which takes full account of the city’s spirit and charm, cultural landscapes and natural beauty, economic characteristics and environmental quality, featuring industrial area, storage area, commercial area, residential area, living area and tourist resorts.

LDQEDZ hosts 480 enterprises with a total investment of 1.1 billion RMB (160 million USD), with an agreed foreign investment of 105 million USD and an actual foreign investment of 41 million USD. The zone is now home to 41 foreign-funded enterprises, including plants from the United States, Germany, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Functional Parks

LDQEDZ features functions of multiple parks, which currently include five industrial clusters:

Textile and Garment Industrial Park:

Advanced textile technology and products, high-grade flax, silk, cotton, various grades of clothing, shoes and hats processing.

High-tech Industrial Park:

Fine chemicals, pharmaceutical processing, and a manufacturing and assembly of various instruments and meters.

Food Industrial Park:

Qianyang rice, deep food processing and preservation packaging, mainly represented by fruits, nuts, seafood, and vegetables.

Paper-making Machinery and Paper Industrial Park:

Paper-making machinery processing and high-grade household paper and culture paper.

Metallurgical Machinery Industrial Park:

Mostly high-tech based metallurgical processing industry, and manufacturing, processing and assembly of machinery equipment.

Contact Information:

Management Committee
Dandong Qianyang Economic Development Zone
No. 10 Anyang Street
118301 Dandong, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 415 715 6177
Fax: +86 415 715 6557 (Website in Chinese)

Liaoyang Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Liaoyang Economic Development Zone (LLEDZ) is situated at the west of Liaoyang city, covering an area of 4.7 square kilometers. It was approved as a provincial-level development zone in January 2002. LLEDZ is in the center of the Liaoning Cluster of Cities (Shenyang Metro) and takes a strategic position. The construction of Shenyang Metro will constitute a platform for LLEDZ to open up to the outside world. The Shenyang-Dalian expressway and state highway No. 202 run across the zone. The zone is adjacent to Fanrong Road to the south and Zhenxing Road to the north, two highways leading to the expressway.

LLEDZ aims to incorporate more products into the Shenyang Metro. The zone is 65 kilometers from the center of Shenyang, 60 from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, 332 from Dalian, and 162 kilometers from Yingkou.

Industrial Environment

LLEDZ are using the slogan “You invest and I provide service; You make a fortune and I develop”. Key industries are being developed in the zone, including intensive processing of steel, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and automotive support industries.

LLEDZ has put in place a good investment environment where hardware matches software. At present, the zone has a complete support infrastructure: water in industry quantities from underground wells or from the city water system, electricity from Liaoyang First Thermoelectric Plant and heat from the Shishuang Heating Station.

The zone is also connected to Liaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant, two telecommunications stations, and a large power substation. The region is rich in resources of building materials. Liaoyang has 10 large cement plants and 30 large steel mills, providing gravel, bricks, aluminum, and steel in good quality and at low prices.

Functional Parks

LLEDZ has four industrial parks: (1) Metallurgical Park with deep processing of rolled steel, (2) Equipment Manufacturing Park with heavy machinery equipment, (3) Taiwan Industrial Park with automotive accessory products and high-tech products, and (4) Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Park, emphasizing in high technology with an investment below 10 million RMB (1.4 million USD).

Contact Information

Liaoyang Economic Development Zone
Middle Section, Fanrong Road, 111000 Liaoyang, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 419 219 0190
Fax: +86 419 219 0801

Chaoyang Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Chaoyang Economic Development Zone (LCEDZ) was established in 1992 and approved in 1994. It covers an area of 0.5 square kilometers, with one sub-district and six administrative villages under its jurisdiction. Total population is 50,000. LCEDZ can be reached by six railways and ten highways. Chaoyang-Jinzhou Expressway, Beijing-Siping Expressway, and Chaoyang-Chifeng Expressway are forming a direct express road network. Beijing-Shenyang High-speed Railway will be built soon, one station to be within the LCEDZ. After completion, Beijing and Shenyang can be reached within one hour.

Industrial Environment

LCEDZ has defined four industries in its development targets: Metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, agricultural products processing and culture and tourism. New energy and modern logistics industries are supported. By the end of 2008, LCEDZ achieved a GDP of 1.1 billion RMB (about 150 million USD) with an average annual growth rate of 41 percent. Foreign capital of 1.6 billion RMB (0.2 billion USD) has been invested at an average annual growth rate of 51 percent. Total investment in fixed assets grew at an annual rate of 161 percent. The zone currently hosts 430 enterprises of various types, including 194 industrial enterprises and 42 industrial enterprises above designated size. Leading industries are food processing, medicine and chemical industry, new energy, trade logistics, machine casting, and electronic information. The construction of infrastructure has been accelerated. A total of 300 million RMB (43 million USD) was invested in a new road and more than 30,000 square meters of greeneries.

Contact Information:

Chaoyang Economic Development Zone
No.5 Section 6, Changjing Road
122000 Chaoyang, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 421 381 2878
Fax: +86 421 381 5336 (Website in Chinese)

Panjin Economic Development Zone


Liaoning Panjin Economic Development Zone (LPEDZ) was set up in 1992 and approved in 1993, covering an area of 6.2 square kilometers. It is situated at the west of Panjin city, near the Bohai Sea and in the central belt of the Liaohe Delta. With Panjin, the Liaohe Oilfield, and Xinglongtai District, it has rich resources, convenient transportation, a pleasant climate and beautiful landscape. In 2005, LPEDZ became one of the first development zones passing the acceptance inspection of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Industrial Environment

Liaoning Panjin Economic Development Zone has built the China Panjin Production Base of Petroleum Equipment, a production base for petroleum equipment of the China National Petroleum Corporation and listed as a key project of the Liaoning Belt in 2008.

The production base includes both petroleum equipment manufacturing and petroleum engineering technical services. It has eight areas, including a drilling equipment manufacturing area and an oil extraction equipment manufacturing area. The base took shape after a long period of development.

An area of nearly three square kilometers has now been built, 72 projects launched. Their investment totals 6.7 billion RMB (1 billion USD) and their accumulated output tops 15.7 billion RMB (2.2 billion USD). In 2008, output registered at 5.2 billion RMB (700 million USD), an increase of 154 percent year on year. During the first half of 2009, output grew at 145 percent as compared with the same period of the previous year. If all goes according to plan, gross industrial output value will reach 150 billion RMB (21 billion USD) by 2015, regional added value 55 billion RMB (7.9 billion USD).

Panjin High-Tech Petroleum Industry Park aims to become a petroleum equipment manufacturing industry cluster and a world production base of petroleum equipment with global influence.

Functional Parks

LPEDZ implemented a special operating mechanism with four parks: High-tech Petroleum Park, Xinglong Industrial Park, Zhongxing Business and Trade Park and Culture Industrial Park.

High-tech Oil Park

Focus on the development of modern industry, the innovation of high technology and the export-oriented economy, supporting by the advantage of petroleum and chemical industry.

Xinglong Industrial Park

Aim at the development of non-state-owned enterprises with establishing an industrial park–paradise for private entrepreneurs.

Zhongxing Business and Trade Park

Prosper in commercial circulation, improve the living environment for residents by constructing first-class business and trade park.

Culture Industrial Park

Build a business platform by attracting more famous artists and excellent cultural works from home and abroad to develop and promote cultural industry.

Contact Information

Panjin Economic Development Zone
No. 55 Middle Liaohe Road, Xinglongtai District
124010 Panjin, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 427 287 5600
Fax: +86 427 287 5677 (Website in English and Chinese)

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