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Shenyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone


Located within the Shenyang Hunnan New District, Shenyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (SNHIDZ) was initially set up in 1988 and approved in the first batch of state-level high-tech industrial development zones in 1991. In January 2001, the city decided to build Hunnan New District into a high-tech zone as “North China’s Pudong”. Development of the zone sped up and kept growing ever since. The District has an area of 27.5 square kilometers and receives support of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Industrial Environment and Functional Parks

Electronic Information Industry

The information industrial cluster is composed of Neusoft Software Park, Only Information Industry Park, LG Electronics, Shenyang Software Park, and Tsinghua Tongfang Industrial Park. The parks integrate the functions of product development and manufacturing, information and technology services, industry incubation and promotion, and the transfer of industries.

Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Four enterprise clusters have been formed: (1) an auto cluster represented by China Aerospace Mitsubishi, China Aerospace Xinguang, Xingyuandong, Xinguang Brilliance, (2) an automatic product cluster represented by Siasun robots and KYKY, (3) a machinery manufacturing cluster represented by Toshiba Elevator, Shenyang Hongda Textile, GE Turbines, and GE gas turbines, and (4) medical machinery manufacturing enterprises such as Neusoft Digital and Shenda Endoscope.

New Materials Industry

This district has 15 firms engaged in various new materials. A technological platform connects them with the Metal Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Metallurgical Technology of Northeastern University. Companies include INCO, Hengtong Optical Communications, Shenyang Hejin Holding, and Vacuumschmelze China Magnetics. They all made achievements in nano-materials, alloy materials, new building materials, and chemical materials.

Biomedical Industry

This area hosts 34 biotechnology enterprises, 20 of them large, which account for 10 percent of all large enterprises in the zone. The bio-firms are notable in the areas of bio-pharmaceutical and bio-medical equipment. The bio-pharmaceutical cluster is represented by Xiehe Pharmaceuticals, Shuangding Pharma, Nuokang Biopharma, and Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology, the biomedical cluster by Neusoft Digital Medical Equipment, Neusoft Philips, Changjiang RMB, and Wanlin Biochip.

Singapore Industrial Park (SIP)

The SIP was founded in 2003 by Singapore’s Ascendas Group, with leading companies in IT and IC equipment manufacturing. The park extends to Third Ring Expressway in the south and Shenyang Polytechnic University in the west. The SIP has three centers, four belts, and nine parks. Three centers refers to knowledge innovation center, management and service center, and science and technology expo center. Four belts refers to the support services industrial belt, the innovation industrial belt, the knowledge electronic IT industrial belt, and the technology electronic IT and high-tech manufacturing industrial belt. Nine parks refer to Innovation Lake Park, Electronic IT Industrial Park, two high-tech industrial parks, a high-tech and IT industry integrated park, a logistics park, two electronic IT manufacturing industrial parks, and a residential apartment park.

Eighty projects of five million RMB (0.7 billion USD) or more have been signed, 43 of them commenced, and more than 180 are under negotiation. Projects already started include a factory of the National Automatic Identification Technology Association, Dawning computer project, Sino-American intelligent sensing instrument project, Microsoft, Intel’s software training project, environmental protection and energy saving building materials production base project, Mercedes-Benz’s RV project, Henderson’s LED R&D center, intelligent sensing instrument R&D center, and Weishen Institute of Automatic Identification Technology.

Contact Information:

Shenyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone
No. 3 Shiji Road, Hunnan Industrial District
110168 Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 24 2378 7666

http://www.hunnan.gov.cn (Website in Chinese)

Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone


Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone (DHIZ) was one of the first national high-tech industrial parks, established in 1991. The planned area is 13 square kilometers, comprising Qixianling Industrialization Base, Digital & DNA Port, High-tech Business Incubator for returned overseas students, Software Park, South Lüshun Road Software Industrial Zone, Longtou Sub-park and other development zones. The growth rate has recently soared, with rapid development of Dalian Software Park. Leading industries are software, information services, multimedia, digital entertainment and integrated circuits. Bioengineering and advanced instrument manufacturing are affecting the regions along East Liaohe Road and Huanghai Expressway.

The number of registered enterprises is 2,700. More than 800 of them are foreign-funded enterprises from more than 50 regions and countries, such as the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including 50 Global Fortune 500 enterprises. Also, 700 high-tech enterprises have been introduced. Accordingly, the zone formed high-tech industrial clusters centering on software and information services, multimedia and digital entertainment, biomedicine and life sciences, semiconductor and electronic information, and advanced equipment manufacturing.

Functional Parks

Qixianling Industrialization Base: The zone covers 5.7 square kilometers and consists of Industrial Zone, Business Incubator, High-tech Business Incubator, Export Base of High-tech Products and Multi-media Corridor. Many internationally renowned IT and IC enterprises such as HiSoft, Luming Science and Technology Building, Dell, BearingPoint and Ericsson have settled here.

Software Park: This park covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers and records 100 percent annual increase of export. More than 100 enterprises have settled in Dalian Software Park, 42 percent of them foreign-invested enterprises, 50 percent export-oriented. Most products are exported to Japan.

DD Port: Biomedicine and advanced equipment manufacturing industrial zone.

Longtou Sub-park: This zone for integrated circuits is 30 kilometers from downtown Dalian and 2 kilometers from the city proper of Lüshun. A newly built University Town supplies abundant human resources. The sub-park is dominated by high-tech industry and directed by the integrated circuit industry with high-tech content. The park provides good community services, educational institutions, business centers, office space and other infrastructure.

Contact Information:

Investment Promotion Bureau
Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone
Room 208, No. 1 Gaoxin Street
Qixianling Industrial Base
116025 Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 411 8479 3643
Fax: +86 411 8479 3620

http://www.ddport.com (Website in Chinese)

Anshan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone


Anshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone (AHIDZ) was approved in 1992 and covers an overall area of 7.9 square kilometers. The eastern section is situated between the Anshan Dongshan Scenic Area and the Qianshan National Park, the zone surrounded by mountains on three sides and a river on the fourth. To date, 4.3 square kilometers of the eastern section and 2.7 square kilometers of the western section have been developed.

Industrial Environment

AHIDZ provides favorable policies, capital and technology to enterprises with potential and scale. Hainuo Group’s projects in concrete mixing stations and Julong Group’s projects in banknote sorters were awarded treasury bonds and special loans of 343 million RMB (50 million USD). AHIDZ has assisted Huaye Group, RXPE, Leading Group and Weibang Pharmaceutical Company to prepare for IPOs.

Functional Parks

Eastern Section

This section is located in the east of the city. Planning is based on human-centered design ideas and aims to build an ecological living environment. Focus is on scientific and technological R&D and developing high-tech industries, with priorities being given to advanced manufacturing and new materials industries, supplemented by electronic information, bio-pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and mechanical and electrical integration industries. The zone wants to create “an R&D base for original innovative products, a concentration base for high-tech products, an incubation base for high-tech products, and an export base for high-tech exports.”

Western Section

The predecessor of the western section of AHIDZ is Anshan Economic Development Zone, which was established in 1990. Now, 2.7 square kilometers for this section have been developed and are home to 1,100 firms. Specializing on different functions, the western section is divided into the Central Area, Residential Area, Industrial Area and Warehousing Area.

AHIDZ is transforming into a feature park, which, along with Liaoning Julong Financial Equipment Industrial Park and Tsinghua Tongfang (Anshan) Environmental Protection Equipment Industrial Park, has been listed among the top ten industrial parks in Liaoning Province.

Contact Information:

Management Committee
Anshan High-Tech Industrial
Development Zone
114044 Anshan, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 412 521 1009
Fax: +86 412 521 1056


(Website in English and Chinese)

Fuxin High-Tech Industrial Zone


Liaoning Fuxin High-Tech Industrial Zone (LFHIZ) is a provincial-level high-tech zone approved in 2006, covering an area of 0.2 square kilometers and promoted by the National Development and Reform Commission. It was formerly known as Fuxin National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, one of the first 21 agricultural science and technology parks approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001. It is also one of eight agricultural and sideline products processing bases of China and a state-level agricultural standardization demonstration base.

Industrial Environment

LFHIZ has more than one hundred firms, covering a dozen industries. Representative are Fuxin Zhulin Forestry Co., Ltd., invested by Japan’s Fortune 500 Sumitomo Group, Liaoning Fulong Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, Liaoning Xinsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a rapidly growing IT firm engaged in satellite channel technology, Fuxin Kewei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Liaoning Dongning Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Functional Parks

LFHIZ is divided into two industrial parks, the Ecological Demonstration Park and the Science and Technology Service Park. These parks support the equipment manufacturing industry, agricultural deep processing, commercial and residential development, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, and modern agriculture technology, textiles, and logistics. The Ecological Demonstration Park builds leisure and resort industries. The Science and Technology Service Park mainly hosts service organizations.

Contact Information

Investment Attraction Bureau of Fuxin High-Tech Industrial Park
123000 Fuxin, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 418 281 3888
Fax: +86 418 219 5577

E-mail: gxqzsj2008@sina.com

Liaoyang High-Tech Industrial Zone


Liaoning Liaoyang High-tech Industrial Zone (LLHIZ) is part of the Shenyang Metro in central Liaoning. In contrast to the ancient town of Liaoyang, LLHIZ is a center of 21st century progress. Situated in the southeast of Liaoyang, the zone was founded in 1992. It covers a planned area of 4.4 square kilometers and is 50 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. Shenyang-Dalian Expressway and Harbin-Dalian Railway run through the zone from north to south, Liaoyang-Benxi Railway and Benxi-Liaoyang Expressway from east to west. As a result, the zone developed convenient logistics facilities.

Industrial Environment

The zone is specializing within four pillar industries: chemicals, chemical fiber, plastic, and non-ferrous metal processing. The chemical industry is specializing on processing raw materials ethylene oxide, C5, and C9. The chemical fiber industry uses polyester and polypropylene to develop functional fiber and non-woven fabrics. The plastic industry makes packaging products, engineering plastics, and plastic building materials, using raw materials like polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Their output accounts for 85 percent of the region.

Functional Parks

The High-Tech Zone has exchanges and cooperation with Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The zone has a national-level Productivity Promotion Center that integrates promoting scientific and technological achievements, a Spark Program Technology-intensive area, provincial-level high-tech zones, and a provincial science and technology pioneering zone.

Contact Information:

Liaoning Liaoyang High-Tech Industrial Zone
No. 295 Wensheng Road, 111003 Liaoyang, Liaoning, China

Tel: +86 419 415 0173
Fax: +86 419 415 0173

E-mail: office4150060@163.com

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