2. Profile of Liaoning

Location and Climate

Liaoning is situated in the south of northeast China, at about the same northern latitude as Spain in Europe or Illinois, USA. It embraces a land area of 145,900 square kilometers, which is more than Greece, and accounts for 1.5 percent of China’s total land area, a water area of 10,000 square kilometers or 6.8 percent, and a sea area of 150,200 square kilometers with a coastline of 2,178 kilometers, covering 12 percent of China’s total length of coastline.

The province is part of the North China Craton, an old and stable platform in the interior of the Eurasian tectonic plate. The lithospheric roots of the craton extend a few hundred kilometers into the Earth’s mantle. The region is fairly safe from earthquakes, but also rich in coal and minerals.

Liaoning neighbors with Jilin Province in the northeast, Inner Mongolia in the northwest, and Hebei Province in the southwest. Liaoning is adjacent to North Korea with the Yalu River as the boundary, and to the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea in the south.

Liaoning has a humid continental climate similar to the Baltic States or the Northeastern United States. Winters are long and cold, winds strong, the east is wet and the west dry, but there is much sunshine and distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is between 7°C in the north and 11°C in the south, precipitation from 500 to 1,000 mm, and the frost-free period is 130 – 200 days.

Population and Administrative Division

Liaoning is composed of 14 prefecture-level cities, with 100 county-level cities and regions under them. The counties govern 1,501 townships, villages, and sub-districts.

The population grew from 42.5 million in 2008 to 43.2 million in 2009, more than Spain or Canada. Urban population was 25.9 million (60 percent). Counting only the city proper, four cities in Liaoning have over one million inhabitants: Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, and Fushun. All 14 prefectures exceed a population of one million. Liaoning is a multi-ethnic province with 44 nationalities. Next to the Han majority, main minorities are Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, and Korean.

Prefecture Code Area
sq km
in Million
Average Temp. °C Counties Townships Chinese
Shenyang 辽A 12,942 7.1 8.6 13 212 沈阳
Dalian 辽B 13,238 5.8 11.4 10 161 大连
Anshan 辽C 9,249 3.5 10.9 7 104 鞍山
Fushun 辽D 11,271 2.2 7.4 7 83 抚顺
Benxi 辽E 8,435 1.6 8.9 6 58 本溪
Dandong 辽F 15,030 2.4 9.5 6 89 丹东
Jinzhou 辽G 10,111 3.1 10.9 7 115 锦州
Yingkou 辽H 4,970 2.3 10.2 6 72 营口
Fuxin 辽J 10,445 1.9 8.6 7 94 阜新
Liaoyang 辽K 4,741 1.8 9.9 7 60 辽阳
Panjin 辽L 4,084 1.3 9.8 4 56 盘锦
Tieling 辽M 12,966 3.1 8.8 7 103 铁岭
Chaoyang 辽N 19,731 3.4 9.9 7 167 朝阳
Huludao 辽P 10,375 2.8 11.0 6 127 葫芦岛
Liaoning 147,588 42.5 9.9 100 1,501 辽宁省

Living Comfortably in Liaoning

Fine Hotels

Star-rated hotels can be found throughout Liaoning. Big cities, such as Shenyang, Dalian and Anshan have numerous five-star luxury hotels. Their facilities, decoration and equipment match international standards.

In Shenyang, capital city of Liaoning, five-star hotels include the Kempinski, Marriott, Inter Continental, Sheraton Lido, Liming International, Lexington, and as latest addition the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza. Dalian, a famous tourist city, is home to a full range of star-rated hotels in northeast China. Furama, Shangri-La, Kempinski and other five-star luxury hotels provide a world-class environment for state guests and business meetings.


Each city in Liaoning Province can provide an extensive range of housing rental services; the rental price depends on locations and facilities. As there are divergences in terms of economic development in different cities, bigger cities such as Shenyang, Dalian, and Anshan will see higher rentals than the smaller cities. However, rentals and housing prices in Dalian and Shenyang are significantly lower than those of metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Garden villas and serviced apartments can also be found, which feature well-rounded individual and business services including butler services such as laundry, food delivery and cleaning, and any other catering to the needs of investors in Liaoning.

Medical Service

The Shengjing Hospital in Shenyang established the Liaoning Foreign-related Medical Services Center which is recognized by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China. Designated provincial hospitals with foreign language service include:

Emergency Telephone Directory Telephone Number
Fire 119
Police 110
Medical Emergency 120
Traffic Accident 122
Red Cross First Aid Station 999
Directory Assistance 114
Telephone Repair 112
Forest Fire 95119
Water Search and Rescue 12395


First Hospital of China Medical University

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province

Liaoning Cancer Hospital & Institute

First Affil. Hospital of Dalian Medical University

Second Affil. Hospital of Dalian Medical Univ.

First Affil. Hospital of Liaoning Medical College

First Affil. Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Schools for Children of Expatriates

In Shenyang, the International School of North East Yucai School (NEYCS) offers basic education for the children of expatriates. The school was founded in 1949, is certified by the Liaoning Education Commission, and has today about 7000 students and 600 teachers in five campuses and ten sections. It provides continuous education in English and Chinese from pre-school to high school, and it has formed an all-round education system integrating school, family and society. Based on pedagogical and management advantages, the school strives to cultivate the creative international talents and provide the students with good educational service.

Many children of employees in international enterprises are studying at the International School, and some of these enterprises have set up long-term cooperative relationship with the school. Michelin has set up exclusive French classes. BMW established German classes at the school, which started in September, 2010. These classes are also open to children whose parents work in other enterprises.


Shenyang is also planning to establish schools for expats’ children from South Korea and Japan.

In Dalian, four institutions have been set up that accept children of expatriates: the Dalian Japanese School, the Dalian Korean International School, the Dalian American International School, and the Dalian Maple Leaf Schools for Expats’ Children.

Name of School Website Telephone
Intern. School of North East Yucai School http://www.neyc.cn +86 24 62341354
Shenyang International School http://www.syischina.com +86 24 89121177
Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nations School http://www.mapleleafschools.com +86 411 82387757
Dalian American International School http://www.daischina.org +86 411 87572000
The Japanese School of Dalian http://www.japanda.org +86 411 82400691
Dalian Korean International School http://www.dkischool.org +86 411 87536032

Immigration and Visa

Process Chart for Permanent Residence Application

Related Laws and Regulations

Notice for Foreigners Applying for Visa and Residence Permit

Notice for Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residence

Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of Entry and Exit of Aliens

Rules for Implementation of Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of Entry and Exit of Aliens

Locations and Contacts of Municipal Public Security Immigration Authorities of Various Cities in Liaoning Province

Billing Standard and Basis for Immigration Travel Documents

International Exchanges


Liaoning has formalized friendship relations with 15 foreign provinces and states. Many cities and counties in the province also maintain twinning relations with sister cities and counties all over the world.

Country Foreign Province
or State
Brazil Rio de Janeiro State窗体底端
Chile Valparaiso Region
Egypt Ismailia Governorate
Germany Baden-Wuerttemberg
Italy Emilia Romagna
Japan Kanagawa Prefecture
Japan Toyama Prefecture
New Zealand Far North District
Poland Katowice Province
Romania Brasov County
Russia Irkutsk Province
Russia Novosibirsk Province
South Korea Gyeonggi-do
Syria Aleppo
U.S.A. Illinois
U.S.A. North Carolina


Notable International Exhibitions

China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

China Dalian International Fashion Festival

China (Dalian) International Software Fair

China Dalian Import and Export Fair

China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, Shenyang.

Services at Your Fingertips

* with English Webpages
* Liaoning-German Business Cooperation http://www.liaoning-de.gov.cn
* Liaoning Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation http://www.china-liaoning.gov.cn
* Liaoning International Investment Promotion Service Center http://www.china-liaoning.gov.cn
* Liaoning Foreign Investors Complaint Center http://www.china-liaoning.gov.cn
* CCPIT Liaoning Sub-Council http://www.ccpitln.org
* Dalian Customs http://dalian.customs.gov.cn
Liaoning Development and Reform Commission http://www.lndp.gov.cn
Liaoning Department of Human Resources and Social Security http://www.ln.lss.gov.cn
Economic Commission of Liaoning Province http://www.lnjw.gov.cn
Liaoning Public Security Entry-Exit Administration Network http://crj.lnga.gov.cn
Shenyang Customs http://shenyang.customs.gov.cn
Liaoning Public Security Department http://www.ln110.com.cn
Liaoning Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Info Network http://www.lnfao.gov.cn
Liaoning Foreign Economic Cooperation Association http://www.lnfeca.org
State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission http://www.lngzw.gov.cn
Liaoning Department of Land and Resources http://www.lgy.cn
Liaoning Department of Construction http://www.cc.ln.gov.cn
Liaoning Department of Communications http://www.lncom.gov.cn
Liaoning Price Bureau http://www.lnprice.gov.cn
Department of Environmental Protection of Liaoning Province http://www.lnepb.gov.cn
Liaoning Taxation Bureau http://ln-n-tax.gov.cn
Liaoning Bureau of Local Taxation http://lnsw.nen.com.cn
Liaoning Statistics Bureau http://www.ln.stats.gov.cn

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